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Hello everyone, it’s the end of Battle Royale Month you know what the means?

The Battle Royale Tournament

Yah that’s right we are going to compare all the relevant Battle Royale games.

How did we decide which ones include?*

We knew we needed a realistic battle royale in our competition


We needed to include the best browser battle royale

We needed to include a unique kind of battle royale

Ring of Elysium

We definitely needed to include one of the original battle royales


We couldn’t have a battle royale competition without


To compare all of these amazing battle royales games we will grade them out of 5 in their Control, Gameplay, Replay-Value, Accessibility and their fun factor. Whichever game gets the wins.

Enough said

Let’s compare them

*We decided to ditch Maelstrom due to its lack of relevance in comparison to other Battle Royale games, we hope you will understand. Now onto the post


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Let’s start with the controls, PubG instantly stands out as the game with the best control score. It is the only game to feature a full tutorial and it is the only game to feature peeking around and secondary weapon slots. Fortnite takes second places it displays all of the controls on the screen allowing you to pick it up easily. Ring of Elysium takes third for its advanced control yet lack of tutorial or controls display. H1Z1 takes for fourth with its limited control of the character in 3d and takes fifth with its 2 dimensional controls


PubG Score: 0 +5

Fortnite:0 +4

Ring of Elysium: 0 +3 0 +1

H1Z1: 0+2


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Gameplay wise, almost all of the games are quite different (with H1Z1 being an exception), Ring of Elysium is the only battle to take place in the winter and it has fun and interesting features like Snowboarding and ziplining. Fortnite is the only battle royale to include building and is the most unrealistic out of all of them. is the only 2d Battle Royale on this list which limits it in and some ways and opens up the door to totally different playing styles. PubG is the most realistic of the bunch and features the most different kinds of maps keeping the game interesting H1Z1 is nothing new, it’s like Fortnite if Fortnite was trying to be PubG. They are all pretty equal overall (except H1Z1).


PubG Score: 5 +5

Fortnite: 4 +5

Ring of Elysium: 3 +5 1+5

H1Z1:1 2+3


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Image From Press Start Australia

Fortnite immediately comes to mind as the game with the best replay value here, their constantly adding new things to the game and there are so many special events to enjoy. Second place definitely has to go which is constantly being updated and features many different special events. Third Place is PubG, while this game doesn’t has as much special events the game involves the most skill out of all of them and gives the player the most feeling of progression. Fourth place is a tie between H1Z1 and Ring of Elysium, H1Z1 has special events and different kinds of special mode to keep the game interesting while Ring of Elysium similar to PubG uses increasing your skill to keep you playing the game.


PubG Score: 9 +3

Fortnite:8 +5

Ring of Elysium:7 +2 +4

H1Z1:5 +2


Image result for

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The most accessible game on this list is a game that is available on the most platforms, a game that allows you to play with friends across on the platform and is the easiest to get on. Fortnite and PubG tie for first in this category, Fortnite features the ability to play with your friends on any platform while PubG is the only Battle Royale to have a tutorial and training modes to help get you started. While PubG does initially cost more than Fortnite, all the skins and Battle passes Fortnite constantly tries to sell makes up for it. takes second place with its status as a web and mobile game which makes it available on any computer including Chromebooks. H1Z1 is third as it is only Ps4 and PC and Ring of Elysium is fourth as it only supports PC and has no tutorial.


PubG Score: 12 +5

Fortnite:13 +5

Ring of Elysium:9 +1 +4

H1Z1:7 + 2

Fun Factor

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Fun factor, the last category to decide the winner. As fun is the most important points in the fun category are 2x. Let me tell you about my experiences with each of these games


PubG was the last on the list that I played. It was definitely a fun one to play and I felt fully immersed in the game. The damage wasn’t too punishing for falling off a building or something and it gave you a bit more freedom to take risks. It was one of the most fun battle royales I played but at the same time, it could get rather boring if you are into more faster-paced games as the maps are really big. Also stomaching the big cost is a pain.

PubG Score: 17 +8


Fortnite was one of the first battle royales I tried out and it was very fun to play especially with the addition of playground mode which was amazing to play with friends. At the same time, the game was constantly being changed some of the updates make it better and some of them make it worse. While I am enjoying season 6 now, I never liked season 3 and for all, I know season 7 might be even worse.

Fortnite score: 18 +8

Ring of Elysium:

Ring of Elysium is like PubG except for its free and it so fun, the game has so many different things you can do and every game is so interesting and fun. The game doesn’t take too long but at the same time so much can happen in a game.

Ring of Elysium Score: 10 +10 is probably one of the first battle royales I played and unlike the other battle royale games on this list it is a browser game which means it can be played enjoyably on expensive and cheap computers alike. It’s fun experience and its being constantly updated which helps it stay relevant. score:14+10


A crappy game, it reminds us why some games should stay dead.

H1Z1 Score:9




Fortnite wins (barely), with its constant updates and easy accessibility it’s definitely worth a try. However if you aren’t aren’t a fan of Fortnite you can check out these games instead.

If you are into Military Style, boots on the ground style games


If you like a unique Battle Royale royale experience with snow

Ring Of Elysium

If you want a battle royale you can play in a browser

If you want a poorly made bad quality battle royale because you’re weird


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