Battle Royale Month


Hello, my name is Joshua Walfall and today I’m going to be talking about the event that we are doing:


Battle Royale Month

The new event taking place in the month of November. Every single week in November we will release a new review on a battle royale game. At the end of the month we will do a big battle royale comparison to determine which battle royale is the best. Will your favorite battle royale be the best? Tune in at the end of the month to find out.

The competitors

Maelstrom: The naval battle royale

Ring Of Elysium: The winter battle royale

PubG: The boots on the ground, military-style battle royale

H1Z1: The OG battle royale

Fortnite: The most popular battle royale The 2d battle royale

Who do you think is going to win? Share your opinions in the comment section below. Okay, that’s all from me, see you guys next time.

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