Fortnite Battle Royale Reviewed


Fortnite, the popular game that took the internet by storm and quickly became the most popular game of 2018. Named the best battle royale game it created its own new genre and spawned a bunch of similar games. This game was originally released 2017 and now 15 months later we’re going to determine if it is worth the hype.

(Just heads when I refer to “Fortnite” I mean Fortnite Battle Royale, not the original)


Fortnite’s gameplay is just fun, that’s about the only word that I can use to describe it. The guns are simple and with easy color-coding easy to tell which gun is which and allows you to switch between weapons faster. The vehicles are very fun to use. You’re able to do jumps and spins and the game even gives you points for airtime and tricks. Even though the game can be random and lacks a lot of the realism the game still allows you to develop strategies and get better through practice.

Building and destroying is one of the main things that sets Fortnite apart from the others. Fortnite allows you to destroy literally everything that you could possibly see in the game, houses, walls, doors, trees, you name it. The game also allows you to build, you can build walls, stairs, roofs and platforms. Fortnite gives the freedom to change the world as you want to and include that into your battle strategy.

Battling in Fortnite is really simple, the gunplay works like any simple shooter game with the addition of being able to build. You can build trenches and walls to defend yourself or you can build stairs and use gliders to get the jump on your opponents.

Although I’ve been talking all about the good stuff there are still a couple of a problems with the game. First, come season 6 you can hang glide literally anywhere which means fall damage is almost non-existent now. Another thing that sucks is the randomness, the game gets more random every new season. There are lot of things that are just stupid like balloons and plunger guns that just feel utterly random and out of place in a battle royale shooter like this. The game changes a lot every new season which means that if you invested in a new emote or skin and the next season makes the game stupid you’ve already spent your money on it. I’ll talk a bit more about this in Replayabilty but for now let’s talk about the Graphics


Fortnite’s graphics are well made and can look good even when its scaled up or scaled down. The graphics are cartoony and add to the general fun feel of the game, the animation is well made and while there are some glitches it still looks good overall.


Fortnite’s controls are really simple and can be easily picked up by anyone, building is little more difficult but after a bit of practise it can be learned. Fortnite doesn’t have a tutorial like most other battle royale games but unlike the others it does show the controls to do simple actions like map, inventory and build. It’s a start but to fully discover the controls you have to experiment a bit.


Fortnite’s soundtrack is okay, it is really repetitive but it is okay overall. Fortnite’s sound effects are solid and they aren’t bad but they aren’t phenomnal.

Replay Value

Fortnite kills it in this area, Fortnite has so many updates and changes to the game which allows you to log on literally anytime and find something interesting to do. Fortnite is constantly changing with new seasons filled with emotes and skins. This has its advantages and its disadvantages, for one the ever-changing nature of the game threatens to drive away users by making those purchased in-game items useless. Being a battle royale game, the replay value is almost endless, but Fortnite has ruined this a bit with their endless gimmicks and like I mentioned in Gameplay, random stupid items and add-ons that are created solely for YouTubers to put on their exaggerated thumbnails.

Gameplay 9
Graphics 10
Sound 7.5
Controls 9
Replay Value 8
Review Breakdown Great

In conclusion, Fortnite is worth a shot and because it’s free you don’t have anything to lose. It’s a well-rounded game, but it’s not perfect.

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