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Geometry Dash is possibly the most popular contemporary platform game ever. Today, we’ll be reviewing the game and figuring out if it truly deserves its massive sales and amazing ratings, not to mention a large fan base. Before we get right in, please note that in this review, we won’t be doing a section on controls, because it’s a mobile game where the single control is a press anywhere on the screen, which performs a different action for many different situations.


Geometry Dash is very straightforward, and yet extremely frustrating. You are a character, (or an icon, but from now on we’ll refer to it as a character for simplicity,) who slides through a relatively long obstacle course, jumping, flying, bouncing, and quite a few other things, attempting to reach the end.

However, in the normal mode, there are no checkpoints. This means that you might spend five minutes getting to the 90 % mark, and then die on an unexpected spike, and have to start all over again. This means that there is a lot of memorization involved. There are varying levels of difficulty, ranging from the breezy Stereo Madness, to the heavily decorated complexity of Clubstep and the (cluttered) Clutterfunk. The game is difficult, but your bragging rights upon completing even a relatively simple level like Cycles are increased tenfold.

The gameplay has one failing. At a certain point, levels start increasing their object count. This shouldn’t come as a surprise, except that you begin to realize that half of the objects in the level are just decorations to confuse you, such as lights that look like jump squares, or triangular backgrounds that look like giant spikes. It’s this clutteredness that discouraged me from playing some of the harder levels, aptly named “Demons”

The would-be monotonous gameplay is saved by the additional character forms. The rocket, the UFO, the arrow, the ball, and a few others are all different forms your character can take. Each one has a different movement style, a few being: the rocket, which travels upwards as you press, the UFO, which is the game’s version of a flappy bird, and the ball, which switches gravity when you tap.

Overall, this game has good, interesting gameplay that has a nice variety of difficulty levels. It’s tough, but when you complete a level the In-Game rewards are nothing compared to the immense satisfaction you feel.



This game’s graphics have a very clean, crisp feel to them. As I mentioned earlier, the levels can be quite cluttered, but the real beauty of the graphics is when they are simple. Many of the official levels have very well designed, tidy layout, with well-coordinated block combinations, and deep, immersive neon colors that are positively eye candy.

Certain user-created levels are a hodgepodge of decoration mixing, with garish color combinations and eye-melting backgrounds. Naturally, the developers can’t be blamed for this, but it is an unappetizing feature of the game.


Due to the pleasing trim, style, and charm of the official levels, we’re giving the graphics a rating of



The sound in this game is incredible! Each of the levels have their own brilliant electronica soundtrack that coincides perfectly with the timing of your jump. This is helpful, and it does even more to lessen the monotony of the gameplay. Many different styles of electronic music are used, all made by different Newgrounds artists.

The graphics pulse in rhythm to the stunning beats of the incredibly multifarious soundtracks, which seem to make the graphics even more pleasing. It’s actually worth completing a level just to hear the beat drop and swell at the climax of the gameplay. To sum up, this game has the best music of any game I’ve ever played.


Replay Value

As I’ve mentioned a couple of times, this game’s replay value is surprisingly high. It has a very large assortment of things to do aside from the official levels. You can create your own levels using an unfortunately complicated level editor, and play levels created by others (these levels are sometimes good, and sometimes very poorly made. Your best bet is to search for trending levels, which are far more likely to have decent gameplay.)

There are daily levels for you to complete, which are certain to be good, and a variety of in-game achievements to shoot for. Achievements unlock icons, which change the way your character looks and can be another goal for a serious player. This game has plenty in it for you to do, and you won’t be bored for a very long time.


Gameplay 7
Graphics 9
Sound 10
Replay-Value 9
Review Breakdown Great

Geometry Dash is an addicting, enjoyable game with a good variety of difficulties, good graphics, and a killer soundtrack. It is definitely worth its low price of only 2.00, and you’re certainly getting lots for your money, both in things to do and entertainment.

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