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H1Z1, one of the first battle royales ever released. This game features a cartoony animation similar to Fortnite yet it still uses real guns. Today we will review this game and determine if it is worth your time.


H1Z1’s gameplay is the same as any other standard Battle Royale game, except it does it awfully. Let me be frank, the game is one of the worst Battle Royals that I’ve played. One of the reasons I find the game stupid is that it starts with so few people. Games can start with only 5 people and on an average day, that’ll be it Another thing that is annoying is the recoil when your character shoots the camera shakes up and down rapidly making it impossible to aim well with any rapid-fire gun. The gun selections are also terrible; there are only SMGs, pistols, and assault rifles. Nothing else. The game also lacks any kind of real destruction. If you shoot at any structure, it remains intact. The only thing you can break is glass, which is kind of pathetic.

If you wanted a battle royale with a similar style of gameplay, this is not the game to choose.

Battle Pass Season 2Graphics

The graphics are H1Z1’s saving grace, they are the only thing about the game that I can actually praise. They are cartoony yet they still give the game solid realistic looking feel. However, there are still a lot of flaws with it too, when you bandage your character wraps your arm with an ‘invisible’ bandage. You cannot customize your character without paying and your character inherently looks stupid. When you pick up a gun there is no change whatsoever to your character. The graphics are decent, but it looks like the effort was concentrated in the wrong places.


The sound is meh. 🙂 Nothing good about it, nothing bad about it. It can help build tension sometimes but most of the time it tells you when you are shooting or getting shot. It’s exactly what I’ve come to expect from this game.


H1Z1 like Ring of Elysium does not tell you what the controls are at all meaning that you have to figure them out by yourself. This is not as bad as it sounds, but it gets worse. The bad part is moving around. The movement itself is slightly buggy, and you can’t vault, and so if you want to get over something like a fence, you’ll have to awkwardly hop around until you glitch over it. Picking up stuff is a pain as you have to move your mouse around until you pointer is exactly on it to pick it up.

Replay Value

H1Z1 is a pain to play, and even though the games are short, they’re pretty darn boring. Honestly, the only thing that made me boot up the computer and play the game was the fact that I had to write a review on it. This game has no replay value in my opinion and the only thing driving players to keep playing are the special events that rarely happen.

Gameplay 4
Graphics 7
Sound 7
Controls 2
Replay Value 3
Review Breakdown Poor

Compared to the alternatives, H1Z1 is absolutely useless. There is no reason why one would choose this over any other battle royale game.

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