Jetpack Joyride Review


Jetpack Joyride Review

Jetpack Joyride is a mobile continuous run game with charming originality and interesting gameplay. Let’s unpack this great game.


In Jetpack Joyride, your character is stealing a classified military jetpack from a lab, but the scientists have rigged hundreds upon thousands of zappers, lasers, and missiles to stop you. Being a continuous run game, however, the implication is that the lab never ends. It’s quite fast paced, and even if you start off slowly, you’ll quickly find that your character is zipping along at speeds it’s difficult to keep track of. This might sound like an iffy thing, but it’s actually quite necessary and the designers have tuned the difficulty level perfectly.

There are all kinds of interesting vehicles, power-ups, and gadgets you can pick up and equip, and each of these adding to the would be monotonous gameplay. The gadgets and power-ups can also become the object of a mission, which is a great incentive to fly nimbly, go far, and collect coins.



The graphics in Jetpack Joyride are cartoonish, simple, and charming. Certains sprites, like the characters, and pixelated, but the backgrounds, the special vehicles, and the obstacles are cartoon art. There are a variety of different backgrounds, jetpacks to purchase, and clothing for your character. Each of these have a different, well tested and refined look, and the game has a sprite prepared for every situation.

Certain graphical elements in this game are hilarious, like the scientist’s reactions to the character tearing through their lab, and the cows that spawn occasionally along the track. Overall, the graphics are pleasing, fun, and wonderful.



The sound in Jetpack Joyride is probably the least iconic feature of the game. It’s a repetitive, bouncy soundtrack with limited intensity, and there’s really not much to say. The sound effects are smoothly done and completely acceptable, but they’re nothing special. Here’s a decent



You press to go up, let go to go down, and press to control the special vehicles. Yee.


Replay Value

Like many continuous run games, the replay-value in this game lies more in the countless missions and less in the incentive to fly farther. In my experience, when I began to get better gadgets and become more skilled, best distances became harder and harder to attain, and I began to focus on the missions and achievements as motivation. Here, I found a boundless incentive to keep playing, and I haven’t been bored of the game since. Here’s an


Gameplay 9
Graphics 9
Sound 6
Controls 10
Replay-value 8
Review Breakdown Great

Jetpack Joyride is a simple, wonderful game with great graphics, good incentive, and just a generally great game. It’s free, but if you really want some cool stuff that is not only nice looking, but adds hours worth of different gameplay, you can buy things like the Delorean, and amazing vehicles, for a low price (this review isn’t sponsored.) What an amazing game.

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