2, the game that’s Call of Duty for free in a browser that can work on almost device. 1.0.0 dropped on January 29th and has fixed a lot of bugs that were really prevalent in the game. Is worth your time? Today we look at the game’s Gameplay, Graphics, Sound, Controls and Replay Value to determine if its worth your time.

Gameplay is a definitely an interesting web game, it features a fully featured store, loadout options, custom game hosting, account features and of course a battle game that no other web first-person shooter can top. On the surface, the game is definitely an amazing experience but after you play the game for a bit you start to see some of its flaws.

The Gun Meta has multiple loadouts that one can choose from, you can use assault rifles to rocket launchers, revolvers to LMGs but of course, when a game features a lot of different weapons balancing can become a problem. Right of the bat LMG, Sniper and Shotgun/ Akimbo Uzis are the top guns, most of the games if not all the games that I have been in have been dominated by one of those classes. Some people can debate that there is a bit of rock paper Scissors when it comes to the Assault rifle, Sniper and Akimbo Uzi but that is really rare as in most cases when this rock paper scissors happens an LMG or a really skilled sniper normally steps in and dominates. In a lot cases if you have good aim and can scope really quickly you win the game, as the Sniper Rifle is very overpowered when there is a good person using it.

Sneak Attacks

Sneak attacks run rampant in this game and if you aren’t sneak attacking someone, someone is sneak attacking you. All lot of people in the community have complained about this but it honestly boils down to looking behind you once in while. Except in the case where there is a sniper and if that is the case you are screwed. Some roles like LMG and Akimbo Uzi are practically immune to sneak attacks, LMG has a lot of health as you can see in the image other roles have only 100 health meaning LMG has time to turn around and murder the person attacking them before they die. Akimbo Uzi is always moving around and so being sneak attacked is very foreign to them

Unfair Games

In there are a lot of unfair games or game modes. Boss Hunt is a game mode where you have to kill a boss who has 5000 health and fast health regen. This might seem easy when you have 5 or more people but with only two people who don’t have a good idea on how to kill the boss the boss pretty much gets the dub. Other instances of unfair games are when teammates quit with no repercussions and you pretty much lose the game. Being a Web game there is a huge problem of people joining a game then leaving midway through leaving 2v1s and even in some cases 4v1s.

Glitches definitely has bit of a problem with glitching and aimbots. There are countless games that I have been completely dominated by a person who somehow found a way on top of the roof of a pivotal building of the game and used an aimbot with a sniper rifle. This problem with the game is not that common but when it happens it ruins the game completely.

Overall’s gameplay is solid, there are some problems with the meta and there are some unfair games with glitches that can be game breaking, but the gameplay overall is well made.


The graphics of the game are amazing, they are probably some of the best you will get out of a web game. All of the guns and skins are visually appealing and make every experience. The graphics are honestly pretty perfect in some respects and the only flaw is the hitboxes of the light posts in the littletown map.

Sound’s gun sounds, jumping and walking are spot on. They accurately capture what’s going on in the battle and warn you of incoming sneak attacks (sometimes). My only feedback against the game’s sound is the lack of background music in the menu. This is an optional feature but honestly, a bit of music to fill the empty void in the menu would be perfect.


There is not much to say about the controls, they are simple and easy to customize. The scrolling through weapons feature is a bit sensitive but all of the control sensitivity can be adjusted in the settings page. Overall the Controls are simple but very effective at making every battle fun and easy.


Replay-Value is one area this game suffers, of course, there is a system of XP that you can trade in to get cosmetics and a level system which you can improve to get certain weapons and objects. Besides that, though there is nothing else really keeping you playing, playing on custom games with your friends is fun and all but you don’t earn any XP from that it can get rather boring when one person keeps dominating. There is a noticeable skill curve but you find that most of the best players only use snipers or revolvers which really turns anyone into using LMG’s and Submachine guns. There are no daily rewards or much incentive for a casual player to create an account and with no email linking to accounts if you lose your password you lose all of your cosmetics and purchased items.

Gameplay 8.5
Graphics 9.7
Sound 9.5
Controls 10
Replay-Value 6
Review Breakdown Great is probably the closest thing that you can get to a fully featured FPS in a browser. There are definitely a few problems with the meta of the game but overall this game earned a solid 8.7. This game is definitely worth your time and I suggest you go check it out with the link below.

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  1. TheKiwi

    this game for me has so much to do no matter what i always feel that maybe if i do this or that i might win i use smg/uzi and maybe RPG. but i have 2 things i dont like about this game… hardpoint and balancing ima start with hardpoint i do not hate this gamemode its fun sometimes WHEN YOUR LOSING because you camp to win witch makes guns like uzi smg or the AK kinda bad and the lmg WAY to good i think a fix would be adding more maps and removing hardpoint from others. now for balancing there are only 6 viable guns being the ak-47 revolver sniper uzi lmg and shotgun the others are near useless why? they are either to slow or dont do enough damage i am sick of not seeing any other guns because they are not that good and it makes the gameplay much more stale. now lets talk about the sound its good but i think it needs music. gameplay it feels great its all flashey and snappy you kill quick witch makes the game much faster the average move speed is fine i have no complants although it does get stall after fighting the same 3 clases which takes away from the game IMO. so this game is THE BEST web game ive ever played and i highly recamend it

    • sweetie

      if i were to change sniper id make a slight dely that you cant shoot when you equip scope and remove quick scope. but there is a weapon so so so much more OP and that gun is the revolver it hits for 63 dmg has a firerate of .6 seconds and has so much mobility i think beacase of this you cant beat it with shotgun/uzi due to the mobilty and sniper is a auto loss lmg is to slow and all others are to weak. it need a firerate nerf and a mobilty nerf for my it just riuns the game using it i feel like a god unlike the sniper it has no drawback and every server that has one of these they usally win no matter what gun i pick for this alone make me less happy to play it

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