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Minion rush is an endless runner game that’s makes use of characters and themes from the blockbuster movies in the despicable me series. Let’s see if a game based off of a movie can get anywhere close to the brilliance of the movies.


The gameplay of Minion Rush is pretty similar to most endless run games. Your character is a minion, customizable in the shop, running through an endless path jumping, sliding, and avoiding different obstacles while collecting coins, or, in this case, bananas. Your minion can collect certain power-ups that can change your gameplay, or even trigger a minigame. Minigames teleport you to a different location where your goal is score as high as possible before time runs out, throwing you back into the action. This is probably the only unique feature of the game, besides that fact that it’s themed on a bunch of yellow pills.

There are some minor glitches in the game, including a certain hack that has become quite widespread. This hack allows you to pause the game if you know you’re going to fail, and then un-pause and give yourself three or four seconds to avoid from death. Also, after a long while the game can get quite repetitive, as the difficulty increase as you run for longer is not steep enough, and you can get used to each speed change too easily.

Overall, Minion Rush has solid gameplay that’s not particularly fresh, but it has enough to offer in this section to earn it a decent



Minion Rush gives me vibes from the late 2000s: Graphics that try so hard to be realistic in their own cartoony style but ultimately fall short of 2018 standards. The main page and Minion sprites are pretty well designed, and have the crispness I would expect, but much less effort is concentrated on the obstacles, tracks, and backgrounds. At first glance, each of these elements looks acceptable, but the moment you pay attention to them they lose their charm and begin to show the rough polygonal flaws in the sprites



Minion Rush has an extremely repetitive soundtrack that has the same tune as the theme song from the movie. It can get annoying, but it’s not as bad as it sounds, and you can get used to it. Collecting bananas triggers a light ding sound, and there are a few “crash” and “squelch” and “dong” noises for when you fail. When you’re browsing the homepage another movie themed soundtrack plays; this time it’s a passive beat that’s almost like elevator music. The sound is really not great unless you feel like hearing some cartoon tension music on repeat for five minutes.



The controls are pretty basic, since Minion Rush is a mobile game the only controls are:

  • Swipe up to jump
  • Swipe left or right to move in said directions
  • Swipe down to slide
  • Tap to use/activate power ups

There’s nothing wrong with the controls, but neither is anything outstanding (also, I don’t like this game)


Replay Value

This is the only area in which this game excels. There really is a lot to do in Minion Rush. There are endless missions, achievements, and special goals to complete, each with their own reward that makes it worth taking the time to complete it. There are also extra bonus things for you to do, including online multiplayer races, competitions, and games. Here’s a generous


Gameplay 6
Graphics 4
Sound 4
Controls 6
Replay Value 8
Review Breakdown Okay

Minion Rush is not a good game. Most of the effort has been put into developing an image for the game and being a giant ad for the movies and their sub products. The game is free, but there are about a million in app purchases to make that pop in your face every thirty seconds. We deserve better from a trilogy of movies that grossed billions.

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