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Red Dead Redemption 2 is the story of the rise and fall of the Van der Linde gang in 1899 as the age of outlaws comes to a close. You play as outlaw and wanted criminal Arthur Morgan: the muscle and right hand man to the gang’s leader Dutch Van der Linde. Today we’re going to review Red Dead Redemption 2 to determine if its worth your money.


Red Dead 2 is a beautiful masterpiece with no ends to its immersive and amazing gameplay. The game is quite easy itself with a simple system that lets you interact with the people in the world around you, letting you greet, compliment, insult and rob people as well as defuse escalating hostile situations with potential threats. These interactions can affect something known as your “honour meter”; kill, rob, steal, insult and being a despicable person overall will result in more conflict, stores not wanting to sell items, and people insulting you but on the other hand being kind, greeting people, helping, and doing good deeds in general will give you a high honour rating which results in discounted prices at stores, compliments, and an overall nicer attitude towards your character.


If you do however decide to go the outlaw route or slip up you will be given a bounty, or a price on your head. The cost of your bounty can vary on the crime, for instance if you fire a gun in a town you will be charged for disturbing the peace but if you decide to massacre a town you will be given multiple murder charges and a much higher bounty. These bounties can be avoided if you cover your face in front of a civilian, or you can confront the person that had witnessed your crime and submit them into silence, if they do however get away the law will attempt to track you down. Your identity remains a secret and the bounty will not be set until a lawman see’s you before your wanted counter slowly degrades away. Depending on how high your bounty is bounty hunters will hunt you down and try to kill you more frequently and Regions in the game will have patrols roaming around looking for you as well stores will not sell you products, these bounties can be easily paid off at any railroad station.

Hunting in this game has a very unique tracking system and some animals pelts are better quality then others. This game overall has me invested in the main characters and makes me genuinely care for all of them in my own way, not all missions are shooting, hunting, various activities of that sort, etc. but they are just simple missions where you get to know the people in your gang through fun social focused tasks where you can learn more about their character, their past and their secrets. In this game they manage to make it so I get distracted easily when heading to main missions when interactions pop up but not so much that it feels overwhelming and like the world is packed full of people. I could go on for pages and pages and pages about all of the unique and new gameplay features that this game has to offer but we would be here for hours, because of the massive depth and detail put into gameplay. I experienced no bugs lag or crashing concerning gameplay.


This game has a beautiful design with much attention to detail. When you get punched in the face, fresh bruises will appear on your character, when you fall on the ground you will get coated in mud, dirt, water, or snow. Landscapes are beautiful, masterpieces ranging from deserts to fields to the forests and the swamps, followed by snowy wastes, mountains and even jungles! Also features a beautiful day and night cycle with breathtaking days, a friendly sun, nights with star dotted skies and breathtaking sunsets and rises filled with colour. Weapon, clothes and horse customizable options are limited but not entrapping because of the amazing detail placed with them. The developers have taken the time to make over 200 unique animal species or you to hunt, skin and admire, all with amazing different looks. As far as a character animation and looks you will get no complaints from me. I never experienced anything as far as lag bugs or crashes at all concerning graphics.



Overall the music is great, it never got boring or repetitive, and a few times I even tried to look up and put on my playlist some of the songs I heard. The music was perfectly picked for story moments that were tense, dramatic, action-packed, slow, sad or happy, which added to the overall experience and made these moments more emotional and raw.




The controls were frustrating at first but who doesn’t have a little difficulty when starting a new game? I quickly learned and had to adapt because of the situations that the game or myself put me it. The entire game you could sort of feel the guidance of the developers reminding you how to play but not in an obvious and annoying way. As Arthur as a character developed so did my skill in the game, uncovering new mechanics to use for my benefit. The controls are extremely easy once you spent a few minutes getting to know and practice them, usually through missions or interactions. The only problem was I felt that the controls felt clunky at times


Replay Value

After spending almost a month going through the main story of the game and finishing it, there was never a dull moment for me. There was always something to do and if you play you were always bound to miss something. The honor system in the Red Dead 2 changed how your relationship with the other characters would turn out and can also result in slightly different cutscenes and endings. Very much did I feel overwhelmed by the number of things to do… definitely in a good way. As soon as I finished the main story I deleted all of my save files and restarted excited for a new adventure!


Gameplay 10
Graphics 10
Sound 10
Controls 9
Replay Value 10
Review Breakdown Amazing

Red Dead Redemption 2 delved into a somewhat obsolete genre of The Wild West but is effective at displaying the story of Arthur Morgan and the Van der Linde gang, and emotional and memorable experience. This game will definitely sit among the legends for years to come.

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