Ring of Elysium Reviewed


What do you get when you combine a battle royale with a unique set of features in a desolate winter hellscape? Ring of Elysium, the free winter Battle Royale game with its own different style. Today as a part of our Battle Royale month I will be analyzing Ring of Elysium to determine if it is worth your time.


I said earlier that it was unique and that was no understatement. The first area where Ring of Elysium differs from the rest are it’s win conditions. In Ring of Elysium your goal is to get in the rescue helicopter and escape the storm, there are 4 slots in the chopper which means there can be up to 4 winners. This is rather unlike other battle royale games which only allow one person to win. Another thing the game does differently is the outset of the game. Other battle royale games feature a plane in which the players jump out of onto the map. However, Ring of Elysium allows you to choose your location on a map and your spawning equipment. Besides those key differences Ring of Elysium’s gameplay is like any other battle royale game. After you spawn in the game you have to search for weapons and stay inside the ever closing storm area. The game allows you to drive a number of different vehicles ranging from cars to boats.The game has some bugs but it’s still in alpha version, so we can give it some grace.



Ring of Elysium has beautiful graphics with a lot of attention to detail. The game allows you to design your own person with deep customization, except for the skin color; you can’t be black ;(. The quality is very high, but and it can be upscaled or downscaled to work with your current computer specifications. When you pick up weapons it shows them on your characters back when you aren’t using them. This attention to detail isn’t that important to most people but it matters to me a lot. Pile this on top of a beautiful landscape design, and you have a winner.



I don’t have much to say much about the sound quality. The sounds are pretty crisp and the music is repetitive yet interesting to listen to. The sounds alert you of incoming enemies, tell you about the weather and can even tell you where the object making the sound is coming from (if you pan your screen from side to side)



The controls of Ring of Elysium are basic and there is not much to say about them. My only problem is that there is no tutorial or explanation on them and you’ve got figure them out through trial and error or by searching through the settings page.


Replay Value

The game due to its battle royale nature generally has a lot of replay value but this game lacks a lot of the settings that add to a battle royale game’s longevity. Absent is any mode besides battle royale, it is fairly unpopular which means games take longer to fill. Besides that thought it has some solid achievements, the ability to track statistics and weapon XP(gaining experience on a specific weapon).


Gameplay 9
Graphics 10
Sound 9
Controls 8
Replay Value 6
Review Breakdown Great

Ring of Elysium is great game overall, it may lack the lare player base of other games in its genre but it still is a very interesting take on the standard battle royale style. I definently recommend it

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