Stickman Boost 2 Reviewed


Stickman Boost 2 Review

Stickman Boost 2 is a browser based, stick figure platformer with a neat set of features and well paced gameplay.

Let’s unpack this more.


Put in simple terms, Stickman Boost 2 is an obstacle course. A long, difficult obstacle course with red spikes and buzzsaws to prevent you from reaching the finish, as well as a medley of vehicles, difficult pole jumps, and wall climbs that will have you jamming away at your keyboard. You’ll have to work your way through a set of platforms and pools, avoiding red objects and long falls, collecting coins and trying to reach the finish as fast as you can.

As well as running and jumping, you can also double jump, which adds an interesting aspect to the gameplay as well as making you look like a savage. Another neat action you can take is rolling, which allows your character to squeeze through tight spaces, as well as giving you a small speed boost. The game has a very good difficulty. It is just challenging enough for you to fully exercise your abilities and skill, but the frustration will never reach the point where you will close the tab and find another game.

One thing that I’ve found messing up the way I play the game is the bugs. This game is by no means untested, but there are a few levels where the flaws in the code of certain components show. Certain obstacles, like the falling platforms, will do crazy things like appear and disappear in random spots where they shouldn’t be. This doesn’t happen too much, but when it does, it’s quite an irritant.

The game’s multiple vehicles are an infrequently used but important feature of the game. Some, like the motorcycle and the jetski, are mainly to provide a quick way of traversing large gaps, pools, or explosive areas. Others, like the hang glider and the jetpack, are manually controlled and a larger part of the obstacle-like gameplay. Basically, they’re cool.

All in all, Stickman Boost has great gameplay. It features a nice set of obstacles (albeit a little bit buggy.) and corresponding things you can do to avoid death, and provides an adequate challenge for serious and passive gamers alike.



Stickman Boost has crisp, cartoon style graphics with a slightly industrial feel to them. The components are nicely drawn, and the spikes and obstacles are smoothly animated and fit well with the rest of the graphics.

Fittingly, in this game, you are a stick figure (who would have known, amirite?) The animations for this stick figure are pretty good, for a small browser game. At times they are slightly pixelated, but overall they are smooth and the game has a good animation for all the situations you get the stick figure into.

On the whole, Stickman Boost has crisp, well drawn graphics that deserve a solid



Stickman Boost features a solid but repetitive electronica beat-bop soundtrack. It’s not stunning, but it fits the game well and compliments the industrial style. The sound effects are exactly what you’d expect from a browser game: pre-made simple game software effects, and they fit right in. My only problem with the sound is the death effect. It’s hard to describe, but imagine a 2-3 second long high pitched gong. Doesn’t thrill, does it? The sound is basic, but meets my expectations for a simple browser game.



You use the arrow keys. Up to jump, Down to crouch, Left and Right to run, and Down+Left/Right to roll. That’s all there is to it. 🙂


Replay Value

This game’s replay value is, well… not great. It may take you a few dedicated hours to complete the entire game, and another half hour to get all the achievements, but after that, there’s nothing. No level builder, no online user created levels, no nothing.

Being a browser game, it would be impressive if any game scored above an eight in Replay Value, and this game is no exception.


Gameplay 9
Graphics 8
Sound 6
Controls 9
Replay Value 6
Review Breakdown Good

Stickman Boost 2 is a solid, enjoyable game that may stimulate your gamer tingles for an afternoon, but will never become a favorite.

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