0 Now what can I say about this browser game? Personally, I think it’s brilliant, but other people I’ve met think that the alternatives are much better. Let’s see if this game is worth your time:

Gameplay is a battle royale game on the internet. As the website loads, you are greeted with what is just about the simplest set of options I’ve ever seen for a battle royale game. There’s a button that takes you to your account, one that lets you customize your emotes, and one for settings (Volume, Keybinds, Etc.), and the buttons that let you choose between squads, duos, or solos. There is also an option to invite your friends to a team.

If you have the patience to scroll down to the bottom of the update register, it will say that the game is basically a 2D PUBG. This means that, unlike most battle royale games, all your meds are stored in seperate areas from your guns, and you only have two gun slots.

Let’s say you play solos. You spawn instantly, which in my opinion is great, because too many battle royale games make you wait a few minutes before the round starts. It’s a two sided coin though, because you don’t get to parachute, you can’t choose to spawn where the loot is. However, this is also a good thing, because it ensures a relatively fair game for everyone. You might get a bad spawn area, but so can everyone else. NOTE: I am reviewing from version 0.6.1

The beginning of the round is pretty similar to other battle royale games. You’ll likely start moving around, looking for guns and melee weapons. You’ll find quite a few types of buildings and areas, that all contain crates, vaults, lockers, drawers, and other containers full of loot. (You can punch these containers, breaking them and they will drop their loot. Punching enemies also deals damage.)The area outside the buildings is scattered with trees, rocks, explosive barrels, and other crates containing grenades, guns, and melee weapons (Better alternatives to fists) You’ll also find packs which greatly increase how much ammo and meds you’re able to carry.

There are a variety of guns to find ranging from assault rifles and LMG’s to shotguns and SMG’s. Sadly, you have to manually pick up ammo, which is kind of annoying when you’ve just obliterated a squad and their loot is piled everywhere (which, of course, I do a lot.)

Armour is one of the few unique features of the game. There are three levels, all reducing more damage the higher the level. It’s a cool feature, and a big part of the game, but it isn’t outstanding and it isn’t terrible, so that’s all I’ll say

One thing I want to take a look at are the medical supplies. I think that the way they designed the meds is GREAT. As with most games, healing takes time, and I think the times are quite accurate. There are medkits, which fully restore your health, bandages, which partially restore your health, and pills and soda’s, which increase adrenaline. I love the concept of adrenaline. As you gain adrenaline a small bar above your health bar fills up. Adrenaline heals you over time, faster or slower depending on how much you have, and also increases your movement speed. Overall, I think the meds are exceptionally well designed.

Fighting people is pretty basic, and I don’t have much to say about it. You can use obstacles to your advantage while you shoot, and the reload times are quite accurate. Scopes that you can pick up increase the area you view, and can be a huge advantage. The variety of guns makes for a pretty big array of possibilities, and it takes a while to familiarise yourself with all of the guns. My only problem with this part of the gameplay is the cooldown. When you use certain shotguns or snipers, your movement speed is reduced by a HUGE amount. I suppose this is good for the snipers, which deal massive damage per shot, but I think the reduction time and quantity is far too high.

Finally, let’s talk about the all important storm, or the red zone, as in the case of this game. I don’t have much to say about it either, besides the fact that it is basically the same as the storm in all games, but is red.

Overall, the gameplay of this game is great, but it has its flaws.



The sound in this game is nothing exceptional, due to the fact that it doesn’t have music, but it still delivers. The gun sounds are decent, with different reload, shoot, and empty clip noises. When you move on grass, your feet make a slight PIFF PIFF PIFF, and your feet make a clicking or clunking noise when moving on pavement or metal. Using medical supplies make standard noises, and are also nothing special. My only definite problem with the sound in this game is the background soundtrack on the main page. Its a semi catchy but base heavy drawl that is completely unnecessary.



Ah. Graphics. Being a lover of this game, I haven’t been looking forward to this. The graphics of this game are very simple in style, and they have a certain charm, but they are nothing special. You can see for yourself here:

The Graphics of the outside area is basically a green landscape with obstacles littered throughout. There are a few rivers, but they are basically just a blue version of the green terrain with brown banks. I think this is the main failing of the graphics. It’s really not good.

The people aren’t bad, being circles with smaller circles for hands, and the guns mainly just being sticks, with a few exceptions. Around the map you will find different suits, which change the color scheme of the player. The majority of them aren’t useful (some of them camouflage you), but they do add to the drabness of the player.

Where this game’s graphics excel in are the buildings. Then really look the part, with textures on the floor, great little additions like houseplants, lockers, toilets that drop loot, and generally just look perfect. The bunkers, which are small or large underground areas, are also amazing, with a big variety of shapes, obstacles, and loot.

Due to the lack of detail outside, but the great graphics on the inside, I’m rating the graphics



The controls are surprisingly easy, being pretty much the same as other battle royale games. The default controls are:

  • Right mouse to shoot
  • Left mouse to use emotes
  • F to interact and pick up loot. This is the only default control I have a problem with, because most other battle royale games use E to interact. However, this is easily changed in the keybind settings
  • WASD or arrow keys to move
  • Scroll wheel to switch guns.
  • R to reload, which happens automatically when your clip is empty.
  • Plus a few other obscure keys that do obscure things, like switch the gun to a different slot.

The default controls are perfectly acceptable, and if you don’t like them, you can change them. I find nothing wrong here, so:


Replay Value

Being a battle royale game, this game has great replay value. No game is ever the same, and the game can even be fun if you are terrible, if you play in squads. Unlike some battle royale games, you enter a round instantly, so there is no waiting around in a lobby.


Gameplay 8
Graphics 6
Sound 7
Controls 10
Replay Value 7
Review Breakdown Good

This game is a simple and entertaining alternative to Fortnite or PUBG. It has decent graphics, great, solid gameplay, and has good replay value. Also, being a browser game, it’s free.

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