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Town of Salem, the online version of the party game mafia with a twist: Everyone has a role. This allows everyone in the game to participate in one way or another. There are werewolves, sheriffs, investigators, witches, godfathers, jailors and so many more. The game has two versions the free browser version and the paid pc version which includes bonuses like extra skins and faster loading times. Today we will be analyzing Town of Salem to determine if it is worth your time.


Town of Salem’s gameplay works like any standard mafia game except that everyone has a role: Some roles can attack other players like Godfather, mafioso and serial killer who kill people during the night. Other roles like Investigator, consigliere, and Sheriff can investigate people to get clues about their roles. There are even some unique roles like Werewolf who can turn into a mad killing machine on a full moon and Jailor who can detain and execute people with almost no limitations.

All of these roles are fun to play but just like the regular mafia, there are some boring roles to play as like the medium and the spy who don’t do that much at all and can leave players feeling useless and bored.

Town of Salem has multiple modes with different sets of rules and character sets


The standard game mode with the default mafia vs town setup, I personally find the mode a bit boring but it is the perfect mode for beginners and the lobbies are almost always full.

Ranked and Ranked Practice

This mode is a more serious version of classic mode with more neutral roles and random towns which gives the mafia more claim spaces(roles that they can claim). I don’t actually have the experience in this mode, mostly because you need to do 50 ranked Practice games before you can even play one official ranked game but from the few games I have played, I can say its very tense.

Custom Mode

This mode can be anything, it all depends on the game.

Rapid Mode

A faster version of custom mode, nothing much to say about it except that it goes by too fast.

All Any:

This mode is like any regular custom game except that all the roles are randomized.


This mode like the website says is just a little bit of everything.


A witch vs vigilante setup, the witches goal is to kill all the vigilantes by controlling them to kill each other and the vigilante’s goal is to kill the witches by shooting them and lynching them.


Town of Salem graphically is pretty minimal which is understandable as there is nothing really to display in a regular mafia game. The game has a store in which you can buy custom skins, taunts and death animations.


The game’s soundtrack is stunning and works really well with the game, it builds up drama during the night and helps create sadness during the day like after someone died or when someone is pleading not to be hung. It can get a bit repetitive at times especially because the music is set to play during certain events but you won’t really notice when you’re playing the game.


There are very simple as indicated in the image below.

(Insert Town of Salem Gameplay photo)

The games simple controls make it easy to pick this game and play it instantly.

Replay Value

The game is about as replayable as a regular mafia game, it is fun with friends and it is enjoyable the first couple of times you play it. After a while, though it can get very boring to play the same kind of game over and over. The game is fun, yes and some roles are interesting to play as but they haven’t released any new character recently which means after you’ve played them all you’ve experienced all of what they have the game has to offer.

Gameplay 9
Graphics 7
Sound 9.5
Controls 10
Replay Value 5
Review Great

Town of Salem is definitely worth your time and money. The game stays true to its mafia-like game style while adding new and existing roles. I definitely recommend trying the game out online and if you enjoy the game you can download it using the link below.

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