Ultimate Chicken Horse Reviewed


Ultimate Chicken Horse, a fun colourful game about cute animals. Sounds like a game for the whole family… or so you’d think. Chicken Horse is really a game about building and playing the ultimate death run. Is Ultimate Chicken Horse worth your money? Today we will be reviewing this game to see if its worth your money.


The gameplay of Ultimate Chicken Horse is simple:

  1. Pick an item from the random parts presented to you
  2. Place them on the stage where you want
  3. Compete against your friends to see who makes it to the end
  4. Repeat

Ultimate Chicken Horse has something to offer for all kinds of gamers, if you enjoy building levels you can use the creative mode to build the level of your dreams. If you’re a pro at the game then challenge mode is the mode for you. Ultimate Chicken Horse even allows you to save the amazing level that you created with your friends in party mode, and then do other things with it, like solo, or challenge.


Graphically Chicken Horse is very simple, its simplicity resembles that of a 2d cartoon. All of the characters ( Chicken, Horse, Racoon, Sheep, Chameleon, Squirrel, Bunny, Monkey, and Elephant) have simple yet appealing animations which makes it clear what’s going on at all times. To keep it E10+ the game makes sure to include no blood or gore which also makes it less brutal when your chicken gets cut up by a spinning saw.


Ultimate Chicken Horse has a nice jazzy feel when it comes to its soundtrack, the game’s music is energetic and completely fits the game. In some stages the music is altered to keep it from getting repetitive and boring. The animal noises and other sound effects keep the game light and energetic while also warning you of danger like the hockey puck launcher.


Ultimate Chicken Horses’s controls are super easy to pick up, they are as easy to pick up as any simple platformer game, and yet there is so much room for mastery. Unfortunately, the game gives you infinite wall jumps which can let your character scale up tall walls that they shouldn’t.

Replay Value

Ultimate Chicken Horse was literally made to be a party game and is definitely the most fun when played with friends, but when those friend aren’t over is the game still fun? Yep, this game can played with people online and alone you create levels and race to get a faster time in challenge mode. Is it replayable when you are playing it by yourself? Not really, because the game’s ultimately meant to be played with friends and it can get really boring after you make a couple levels and race a couple times in challenge mode.

Gameplay 10
Graphics 10
Sound 10
Controls 9.9
Replay Value 9
Review Breakdown Amazing

Chicken Horse is an amazing game overall, with simple graphics and great music, it is definitely an amazing game to purchase. I definitely recommend it if you want a fun game to play with friends

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